DIY flag hoisting

We hosted our very own tiny flag since we could not hoist a big one. Simple steps . What all you need: Method:  1. Draw a flag. 2. Take chopsticks and paper clips and put them on top and a bit up from the bottom to leave a place to hold. 3. Put a rope […]

Orange candle hack

It’s time for oranges . Once you drink up the juice, save those peels for making candles. What all you need: Method: 1. Make sure the core of the orange is intact. So that becomes your wick. Keep the oranges to dry for a couple of days so they are firm. 2. Pour oil in […]

Flowers from empty containers

How many containers do you throw ?? It’s definitely not possible to save and use all is it ? Let’s have some recycling fun with them. What all you need: Method: 1. We’ve used coloured permanent markers for coloring the containers. 2. Cut the containers like a flower.  3. Then melted them in the oven. […]