Food Recipes

Mini Spinach pancakes

Mini Spinach pancakes You could serve it for breakfast or put it in the kid’s tiffin. I love how kids love things when it’s smaller

Parmesan Baked potatoes

Parmesan Baked potatoes You can eat potatoes, mangoes, and bananas every day and still lose weight. It’s a lot about the quantity you eat and

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi If you live in Bengal you can’t eat Mishti Doi and love it. And because we eat it so much we make it

Oreo Icecream Sandwich

Oreo Icecream Sandwich Summers are here and kids love cold food or creams or junkies. So, as we are all cooped up in our homes

Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi Kulfi is the Indian version of ice cream, but it’s even easier to make. With a few & simple ingredients, you have a

Frozen Peas

Frozen Peas We have something for you that might help you with a healthy stocking than grabbing many preservative cans. Why eat packet preservative peas

Crispy Bitter Gourd

Crispy Bitter Gourd Do your kids like bitter gourd? Have you tried bitter gourd with the kids yet? This crunchy recipe is guaranteed to be

Mango Phirni

Mango Phirni Who does not love mangoes! We wait for months to get sweet mangoes back in season. It’s the season for mangoes, and everyone

Sattu ke Parathe

Sattu Ke Paranthe

Sattu Ke Paranthe Sattu is roasted gram flour and is called the poor mans protein. It’s super healthy and tastes great. Prep Time15 min Cook