Baby Led / Traditional Weaning

Let’s Talk About Weaning

When a baby is born, it fills the heart of a mother with pure love and helps her understand what unconditional love truly means. Then

Guidelines for baby-led weaning

Food is a very exciting journey both for the parent and the child. It is the first 6 months of this journey that makes a child a fussy or a non-fussy eater. Some children are really fast at eating their food and some are really slow but that is definitely not a criterion to label the child as fussy or non-fussy.

Guidelines for Traditional Weaning

Traditional weaning is a way of weaning when the child starts eating at almost 6 months of age and the parent or the caregiver feeds the child. This is a very popular method, and most of the parents follow this way of weaning as its easier, less time consuming and less messy than the baby-led weaning (BLW).