Activity for 5 to 10 years old

Crayon hack and motor skills

If you have many crayons like me. You should get a few out and give them to your child to sharpen. The sharpener can be

Pine Cone Flower

We were so fascinated with pine cones that we thought of making these super easy crafts. If you don’t have pine cones, get them from

Closed-circuit torch

Electricity with simple circuits is generally taught in standard 3 in schools but I always encourage kids ahead of their age and let them grasp

Recycled paper art

Let’s teach kids about recycling. Paper is one thing that gets wasted which in turn affects the trees. We love recycling paper and cartons and

Shell Photo Frame

All kids are fascinated by shells and how beautiful they look. My boys also love collecting shells so we planned on using those shells and

Spinning Earth

Our Mother Earth gives us so much, and what are we giving it back? Buildings? Pollution? We thought about spending our day talking about Earth

layers of ocean

It is a proven fact that humans learn more practically than by reading through books. We taught boys about the ocean and how beautiful it

Painting Our Galaxy

The universe always fascinates me, it is deep and beautiful. The universe is full of secrets. Secrets whose answers even the greatest minds have not

 Emotions wheel

Emotions are tough to understand and even tougher to control not only for adults but also for little children. To help my 6 year old