About Us


We are a one-stop digital space for active parenting and for utilizing children’s learning and development process to its whole. It is about sharing expert advice with the mothers so they can make well-informed decisions for their children, stay inspired enough to teach their kids through fun learning from tried and tested techniques of experts. We develop and perform tested at-home activities, games, science experiments, and DIYs and speaks about a vast resource of raising non-fussy eaters. These activities are distributed between sensory-based plays, motor skill activities, STEM-based activities, etc. It is believed that children between the age of 1 to 10 years are prone to learn faster and retain the knowledge compared to a teenager or an adult. So we have designed learning methods for children at different age-groups for conceptual development. We boost their intellectual and cognitive development and promote sensory, empathetic and problem-solving skills.

Shraddha Fogla


A connoisseur of information when it comes to children, Shraddha Fogla is the brain behind the concept of 2monkeysandme, digital parenting, learning, and development platform for children. A Masters in International Accounting and Finance from Cass Business School of London, Shraddha chose to be a mompreneur and an influencer for thousands of parents in India and is now guiding children’s natural curiosity and their persistence as self-motivated learning. She is soon going to be published as the author of a book on fussy and non-fussy eating.
“Motherhood has helped me see my strengths and weaknesses at the same time, inspiring me to work hard towards changing my weak points into my strength. My children have brought out the hidden creativity in me and helped me realize what I am good at and how much I love children”, says Shraddha.
Shraddha Fogla

Before becoming a full-time mom, Mrs. Fogla worked in a private equity firm for 3 years and in a construction company for 2 years. Now she is taking social media with a storm with her platform, 2monkeysandme; where she shares her motherly insights with the new moms to help them face both common and not so common difficulties. She has spent years reading, researching and gaining the insight which she needed to raise her boys in a healthy and safe environment and to cope with everyday challenges, of their developing mind, needs, emotions and the world of questions the little munchkins come with. She believes that the first few years are the most important of a child’s life and it is a parent’s responsibility to either let them be or make them grow into an empathetic and understanding human being. “Every little thing that we do in our everyday life, the choices we make, the way we act or react, it is all watched by our children. Hence it is the most important job in the world to make sure that we are not just the best example for them but the best self that we can be.”

“Mothers, especially first-time mothers, don’t know what’s happening around them, and they tend to get carried away by emotions and by what their near and dear ones tell them or want them to believe. While they may be good advice, but most of the time they’re just misguided. There are tons of issues mothers face which they can’t talk to anyone about. There are times when you may feel no one understands. “It is my sincere desire to help all the lovely new moms to raise their children with a touch of creativity and polish all that dexterity,” says Mrs. Shraddha Fogla.