Are you pregnant too??

Is it that easy to be pregnant as they show in Movies and Bollywood TV Shows?

When you are a newly married couple pregnancy never occurs to you until a few years have passed and you are trying to get pregnant. Your friends around you are pregnant and your folks keep telling you it’s high time. You start losing your mind, your biological clock is ticking and you think maybe this is the time. This stresses you out and pleasure changes to pressure. This pressure takes a toll on couples, relationships, mental health and all that the women end up doing is checking their ovulation dates with some fancy ovulation trackers available and the men think it’s their job to perform during those days. The end result is no baby and couples running to the doctors getting their fertility tested. 

Some doctors do take advantage of the situation and you end up doing a pile of tests and blood works and this harrows you more and more mentally. 

We were a sufferer of this and tried for months before we took a second opinion from a doctor and he told us to have a couple of glasses of wine, go on a holiday and just relax and have fun. And yes this just worked and we got pregnant. Now there’s not one but two. 

To everyone who is planning to have a baby, take your time and be mentally prepared before you jump to parenthood. If you feel there’s a problem please show more than one doctor and make sure you are not being taken for a ride. Check the medications you are given online for its effects and side effects. Don’t choose a doctor just because he’s famous and your friends are going to him but choose one that you are comfortable with. 

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