Breastfeeding and Traveling

Let’s just talk about travel and breastfeeding, today.

I have seen so many distressed mothers asking me how have I managed it, and how,

(a) Should they leave their baby back home while traveling and keep a fridge full of expressed breast milk

(b) Start with formula milk, at least while traveling

Well, mind you that latter is a trap and you will never get out once you fall into it. The formula intake only increases and never really ceases.

I have traveled with my babies since they were 3 months old and have traveled everywhere, both to places in India and abroad while still breastfeeding. My older one nursed for 24 months and the younger one is still nursing at 19 months. Contrary to what people might think, I don’t agree that it’s anything to be ashamed about. It’s something that makes me happy and I am absolutely non-receptive to any negative comments from people. I continue doing what I feel is right.

Did you know that the WHO recommends extended breastfeeding up to 2 years of age?

So why not do it? What is this skepticism all about?

Breastfeeding and traveling is rather easy and really non-stressful. 

We always made sure to carry some breastfeeding covers but still kept the face of the baby out of cover and turned sideways, where I wasn’t visible to any of the people. So I would face the walls, corners at airports, take a window side seating to nurse, check out every feeding room, use disabled but clean toilets too, and of course, rail rooms at shopping malls since India has NO support for breastfeeding and shopping. 

Eventually, having done this couple of times you get thick skinned and stop caring about what others think about it. Breastfeeding while traveling gets easier when you recognize your child’s needs and the importance of it.

So mommas please don’t hesitate. Breastfeeding while traveling is not all that tough. Don’t contemplate leaving your little ones back home only because you are worried about how and where to feed. Go out and take them with you! They can be absolute angels while traveling as long as they’re ok.

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