Child Behavior

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

They must be taught what is appropriate and not nagged for being inappropriate. Children are meant to bend and break the rules. This is exactly how they learn to test their parent’s threshold and learn what behavior is acceptable at home and outside. Our job as parents is to teach them what is acceptable by being consistent in our behavior and terms and understanding why they broke them.

We need to adapt, accept, change, and teach them the appropriate behavior in their childhood that will stick with them when they grow up too. A toddler will have toddler tantrums, and a five-year-old will roll their eyes sometimes when you talk. They might give your conversation a deaf ear and try eating those chocolates without asking you which was unlike them when they were three years old. Most of it is healthy child behavior! There are a few things we must understand when it comes to a child’s behavior. 

The best thing would be to kneel down to your child’s height, be calm, and ask them, what’s wrong? Sometimes giving a tight hug or a kiss and asking melts them down, and they decide to talk. 

Acceptable and unacceptable behavior depends on family to family, and one should first know what is acceptable. If things don’t work sitting and talking at the moment of an outburst, let them be and give them time and talk about it. Talk about the consequences if it happens again and tell them about how you felt and what they should have done rather than telling them – don’t do it ever again. I hate it. Tell them what you expect. React in the way you told them you would and be consistent. 

Terrible twos are also a part of a child’s behavior and you can visit our website to have a look at our blog on terrible twos and how to overcome it. 
Signing off! There’s more on this really big topic of child behavior in our next blog. 

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Hi, I am Shraddha Fogla and I am a mother of two beautiful boys, one 5-year-old and the other 2. I would like to share some great tips on children’s activities to help boost their mental, sensory and motor skills.

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