Emotions wheel

Emotions are tough to understand and even tougher to control not only for adults but also for little children.

To help my 6 year old understand his emotions better we made an emotion wheel where we write 8 primary emotions that we feel. And what he should do if he feels some emotions and doesn’t have anyone to help.

The 8 emotions are – sadness, anger, joy, surprise, anticipation, fear, trust, and disgust.

What would you need for this activity?

  1. 3 A4 sheets
  2. Colours
  3. Compass
  4. Scissors 
  5. Thumb pin
  6. Pencils
  7. Scale


1. Grab 3 A4 sheets and with the help of a compass draw circles on the sheets and cut out the circles. 

2. Colour one sheet of circle and divide the other two left circles into 8 parts.

3. Out of the circles with 8 divisions, make one circle smaller than the other and write all the emotions we humans carry.

4. On the second big circle write all the things you should do if you feel that particular emotion.

5. Now, attach the three circles using a thumb pin and cut a hole or square on the sides of the one circle that can help to read what you have written properly.

6. Hand it over to your kids and let them play with it and learn about emotions and how to tackle them.

While doing this activity we taught kids more about emotions and why they come at specific times and how to not avoid them and accept them.  Let us know what all you guys do to teach your kids about emotions.

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Hi, I am Shraddha Fogla and I am a mother of two beautiful boys, one 5-year-old and the other 2. I would like to share some great tips on children’s activities to help boost their mental, sensory and motor skills.

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