The Hibernating Bear

We all have been fascinated by the fact pf animals hibernating? were we not? Did you never envy an animal because you also wanted months of sleep? I still do. And, that is why we thought of creating our little hibernating bear. We tried it two ways, the first one was through magnets and another one was with the help of magma, Can you guess which might have worked for us?

       Before getting into the activity, let’s first understand what hibernation means; it is basically when animals sleep a long way through the winter season. During hibernation, the animal’s body temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate all drop to significantly lower levels. Animals do this to survive the winter because the weather is cold and food is scarce.

   Different animals are seen hibernating in their different way; unlike hibernating like other animals, bears fall into a deep sleep called torpor. During torpor, heart rate and breathing rate decreases, body temperature reduce slightly and bears do not eat or release bodily waste.

Did you know?

 Bears can sleep more than 100 days without eating, drinking, or passing waste!

I think we have learned about hibernating enough to get through this fun activity. Let us dig into the blog and start with the activity.

What all you would need:

Cardboard Sheets

A pair of scissors



Cardboard rectangular box






Some grass and pebbles for prop

So, I guess you might have grabbed everything you needed for the activity including some snacks for you and your kids? Let us dig into the method now.


Take A cardboard sheet, draw a cute little bear or even a big wild one whatever you want, and paint and cut it out.

Now, grab a rectangular cardboard box and paint it green and you can keep it aside and have some snacks.

Grab two bowls, put the balloon with which you and your kids were just playing on the top of one of the bowls your kids, and in another bowl mix some glue and water.

Grab some paper and cut it into pieces and start sticking them on the balloon’s top with the help of the mixture you just made.

Let it settle and let it get dry, pin the balloon and you will have a bowl shape stiff paper cave for your bear.

Paint the paper cave l brown, cut entry for the bear into the cave and stick it inverted on the box you painted green.

Decorate the cave and the forest area with grass and pebbles and anything you want.

So, now after we have everything ready we will start with the experiment. What do you think will work? Magma or magnets?

Let us start with magnets, stick the bear cutout n a magnet and place it in the forest. Take another magnet on your hand, take your hand below the forest box and try to move your bear into the cave? Did it work? We tried it with both magma and magnet and both worked for us.

    Let us know which one worked for you or if you got a new method for the bear.

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