Peppa Pig World

When in London, with a Peppa Pig obsessed toddler, the Peppa Pig World in paultonspark in Romsey is a must visit.

You can either take the train from Marylebone Station followed by an Uber to the park or simply rent a car from avis or sixt and drive to the park. Either way, it’ll take pretty much the same amount of time, for you to reach the destination.

Paultons Park is an exciting theme park with various attractions for visiting families. Spread over some 140 acres, there’s so much to see and so much to do that there’s absolutely never a dull moment! This makes it one of the most popular tourist spots.

 It is home to the world’s first Peppa Pig World. You can book tickets online to get the best offers. It’s been carefully created to attract the younger ones towards their beloved cartoon characters. On arrival, you’re welcomed by the familiar tune of the theme song, and the lovely fun characters of the show. Imagine being able to meet your favorite TV show character. Thrilling, isn’t it? The same goes for the kids as well. Meeting the cute cartoon personalities that grace the TV screen every day, lights up every child’s face at the Peppa Pig World. No doubt it has turned out to be the greatest attraction at this theme park. The music and the overall colorful set up makes it all the more appealing!

There are interesting rides that are designed in specific ways to immediately connect with the kids. Daddy Pig’s Car Ride, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Ride, Windy Castle, George’s Dinosaur Adventure, etc. are some of the kids’ absolute favorites. The best part about this place is that these rides are so kid friendly and engaging that you can relax while children have the best time of their lives. Although there are height restrictions on certain rides, just like all amusement parks, yet kids of all ages will easily find something suitable and fun to do.

It’s usually said that Peppa Pig World is mostly directed at pre-schoolers, owing to the nature of the show itself. However, don’t form an opinion that Peppa Pig World is all about entertaining little children alone, even parents can have a great time! The soft play area has sections for all ages. It’s called George’s Spaceship Play Zone and it is massively popular. Then you have the Queen’s Flying Coach Ride which comes in a monorail concept and is meant for families to have a look around the place having a fun time together. While you’re there do not miss out on the Little Africa enclosure! You might even get to see some penguins.

Besides this, the food is pretty good and there are adequate options. You can try out the options available throughout the Paultons Park and do not have to restrict yourself to Peppa Pig World. Another interesting concept introduced in this place is that there are several ‘picnic spots’ making it ideal for some family bonding time. A picnic with the kids and Peppa Pig characters around? Nothing else can possibly top this, isn’t it? You can even get your own snacks and sit back and relax with your loved ones. It’s quite a one of a kind experience, even if you’re not such a huge Peppa Pig fan yourself!

Overall, Paultons Park is mindfully created to cater to the requirements of families at large and is not just meant for kids falling in a specific age group. The Peppa Pig World has emerged as the key contributor to the Park’s ever-growing popularity. They keep improvising on their ideas, so you’re in for a little surprise each time you visit. We have visited this place thrice now and have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The timings were 10 am – 5 pm, and we were the last ones to leave at the time of our first 2 visits.

The children can never quite get enough of this place, and neither can we!

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