Pressed Flower Candle

Remember how you used to collect flowers and keep

in your books? What all memories do you have of collecting flowers, because I still do that, and even my boys are very fantasized by this activity of collecting flowers. Do your kids still do the same? Well, next time they do it, make a DIY at home by making some scented candles.

So, are you ready to convert some pressed flowers you and your kids collected into a scented candle? Let us grab everything you would need for this DIY activity and let’s get started.

What all you would need:

Container to melt some wax.


A Holder you would want your scented candle to be in.

Pressed Flowers you kept with love inside your books.

Mod Podge Glue

Your favorite Essential Oil.


Candle Wick

Now, that you have collected everything you needed for this activity, let us get started?


Take a container, pour some wax, and keep it for melting. (You can melt the wax by either putting it in a container within a large container filled with water and heating it or you can simply defrost the wax in a bow in your microwave.)

Grab the holder you want for your scented candle and cover the inside sides of it with Mod Podge glue with a help of a paintbrush.

Stick your beautiful pressed flowers which you took out from your books to the sides of the holder.

Add some drops of your favorite essential oil to the melted wax.

Drop a Candlewick to your holder and hang it with the help of the paintbrush as shown in the picture.


Start pouring the wax to the holder, remove the paintbrush once it touches the surface, and drop the candlewick.

Voila, you are done with making your scented candle, light it up and enjoy while you admire the beauty you created.

Let us know if you come up with some new ideas and share it with us.  Waiting to see your creations.

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Hi, I am Shraddha Fogla and I am a mother of two beautiful boys, one 5-year-old and the other 2. I would like to share some great tips on children’s activities to help boost their mental, sensory and motor skills.

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