Shimmer and Sparkle bath Gel by Cra-Z-Art

Shimmer and Sparkle Bath Gel by Cra-Z-Art is one product that your child would love to play with. Creating your own bubble bath jellies and playing with it is a super fun time for them. This product allows your little ones to create their own bubble bath jellies.

The kit includes of 3 jelly mix, 4 mold cups, some mixing spoons, a body wash, mold tray that has four shapes i.e. star, flower, candy and a peace sign and an instruction manual. The instruction manual explains the entire process to create bubble bath jellies along with the different colours you can make with the set of Shimmer and Sparkle Bath Gel. It will include the different variations, color combinations and usage of the product.

It has been specially designed for kids and is super easy to use. It makes your child have fun while creating the jellies. Your kid simply needs to take a bowl and blend the jelly mix and water together with the body wash that has been provided in the kit. Pour the mix in the mold cups and then place them in the mold tray for the designs and shapes. Keep them in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. After they become solid, take them out and make the most of it in the bathtub.

Once ready,  let your kids enter the bathtub with their jellies and rejoice each and every moment. With Shimmer and Sparkle Bath Gel by Cra-Z-Art, let your child have fun while learning. The mixing of ingredients along with fun will make your child remember the process too.

Hurry! Go and buy this product and make your weekend a fun one.

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