The New Normal

Author – Nidhi Somani
“Nidhi Somani is a mother of 2 boys, a writer, an entrepreneur with MSc degree in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics.”

One month ago we welcomed into our lives our ‘small son’ as we describe him to our ‘big son’. In this whole month, all I have been trying to do is get used to this new normal. It’s been trying to begin with and then slowly all the things I worried about took their own pace and settled down. In the beginning I was just worried, worried for my firstborn, worried if he will be able to accept him, worried how I’ll manage to breastfeed while taking care of him, worried if I’ll ever be able to love this child as much, worried if my older son would resent me, worried about everything, worried I was worrying too much. And then slowly things moved, each day passed and some things became easier, we all learned this was the NEW NORMAL. My husband stepped in more than I imagined or hoped for, my son was understanding more than I could ever expect and just like that we became a family of four.

One month ago, I promised myself I would move mountains if I must but I wouldn’t let a second kid change anything about the dreams I have for my children. I also promised myself I would not let the younger one be left aside because he ‘doesn’t understand’. He only knows me, I am his only comfort in this world, he knows my smell and my heartbeat. Today finally I feel like a mother of two, where all of us are in harmony and I am not trying to be a pendulum running from one to the other.

I am looking forward to this new run. I am looking forward to making memories, singing melodies and creating magic in the years to come.

Guest Columnist: Nidhi Somani

Nidhi Somani is a mother of 2 boys, a writer, an entrepreneur with MSc degree in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics.

“Writing for me has always been the easiest form of expression. It helps me talk to me. So whenever in life I have had a moment of joy, pain, wonderment, excitement, fear – I have always taken to writing. My writing on this platform is mostly about my journey as a mother. How these new lives have given me a new life. I write about everything I experience and right now it’s all about this journey as a mother.”

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