Blooming flower card

Get encouraged by all of these lovely handcrafted cards. They’re not only fun to make, but they’re also a nice and thoughtful way to show someone you care.  What all you need: Colored Sheet Pen Glue Scissor Colors Method: 1. Take a colored sheet and cut it into small square shape. 2. Now fold that […]

Crayon Photo Frame

Make a crayon photo frame with your child for a fun kids’ craft that makes a lovely handmade keepsake for displaying a photo or kids’ art. What all you need: Crayons Cardboard Scissor Glue Glue gun One picture Method: 1. Take out all your wasted and broken crayons  2. Take a cardboard and cut it […]

Fruit covers flowers

All that I see in the trash is a treasure. These fruit covers made such beautiful flowers resembling anthuriums. What all you need:  Fruit Covers Glue Skewer Crepe Paper Green Paper Ribbon Tape Cotton Buds Method: 1. Fold the cover inward from one side while holding it tightly below.  2. Put glue and rotate with […]

Tomato and mascarpone risotto

Tomato and mascarpone risotto Risottos are my favorite. Love how easy they are and yet so flavourful.  It’s just a few things from the vast option of cheese they have. It’s homemade, fresh, from the farm to your home, made from A2 milk which is known for its various health benefits and is delicious. Prep […]

Crayon Candle

Another way you can use those extra crayons. Making crayon candles is a fun and easy way to use up unwanted, damaged, or unusable crayons. Though you will need to mix in some candle wax to get a useful candle that will burn well. We live the bright vibrant colors the crayons gave to the […]

Giant bubbles

Making our own giant bubbles has been on our to-do list for a long, but we’ve been waiting for the right weather. Summer is the right weather for such activities. Let’s make the summer holidays and weekends more fun. Guaranteed to give hours of fun and entertainment. What all you need: Baby pool Water Dish […]

Washable Window Paints

It’s summer, and kids at home mean more time to entertain them. We have used washable paints, but you can also use tempera paints. Use this idea either in the shower or outdoor, or even inside the house without worry cause it’s so easy to wipe and clean. No stains, no complaints. Give them a […]

Blooming sunflowers – motor skill activity

After a hit with blooming flowers, we tried to use it in a different way to improve the motor skills of kids. Paint a paper or get a printout of greens without flowers. Using a spray bottle is a great activity to keep those little hands at work. And get strength for pre-writing skills. What […]

Chocolate almond butter on toast

Chocolate almond butter on toast The boys now like the taste and we prefer it well over Nutella. Almond butter is high in monounsaturated fats and helps lower bad cholesterol so it’s good for adults too. High in calories ( needed for kids), and rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they provide vitamin E, omega-3 […]

Paneer Ring Sandwich

Paneer Ring Sandwich You could serve it for breakfast or put it in the kid’s tiffin. I love how kids love things when it’s smaller than usual. They said no to pancakes in the evening and as soon as I made a batch of these small ones they jumped to it to eat. Loaded with […]