DIY flag hoisting

We hosted our very own tiny flag since we could not hoist a big one. Simple steps . What all you need: Method:  1. Draw a flag. 2. Take chopsticks and paper clips and put them on top and a bit up from the bottom to leave a place to hold. 3. Put a rope […]

Orange candle hack

It’s time for oranges . Once you drink up the juice, save those peels for making candles. What all you need: Method: 1. Make sure the core of the orange is intact. So that becomes your wick. Keep the oranges to dry for a couple of days so they are firm. 2. Pour oil in […]

Flowers from empty containers

How many containers do you throw ?? It’s definitely not possible to save and use all is it ? Let’s have some recycling fun with them. What all you need: Method: 1. We’ve used coloured permanent markers for coloring the containers. 2. Cut the containers like a flower.  3. Then melted them in the oven. […]

Glowing water beads dandiya

 I saw LED dandiya. I wanted to make one for the boys . And that’s to the water beads I have at home. Tons of it we used to fill the bubble sticks. What all you need:  Method:  1. Put some water beads into the water and leave them until their size increases. 2. Take […]

Bioluminescent sea creatures with bioluminescent liquid

Turmeric is magical. It’s got curcumin and shines with UV light.  What all you need:  Method:  1. Mix turmeric with water and  pour in the half empty glue bottle. 2. Take a black sheet and draw the sea creatures with the turmeric bottle. 3. Let it dry to make it invisible in the dark.  4. […]

Coconut leaves bird

This can be such a great decor for the festive season. Decorate tables or just hang them . My gardener was chopping the coconut leaves when he showed this to my son and I absolutely fell in love with it. What all you need:  Coconut leaves Scissor Thread Method: 1. Make a single bow keeping […]

DIY hanger bow and arrow

Because the store ones are too big for little kids to use. We repurposed the cloth hanger from my little one’s cupboard to make this. What all you need: Kids hanger Colored tape Plier Bow string Knife Method: 1. To make this, you’ll need to remove the hook with a plier and then cut the […]

Stem Toy

Navami is my favorite time of the year and there are only two things I can think of. Garba and Durga Puja are the only two things that come to my mind. What about you? What comes to your mind or something you wait for during this time of the year. What all you need:  […]

Blooming flower card

Get encouraged by all of these lovely handcrafted cards. They’re not only fun to make, but they’re also a nice and thoughtful way to show someone you care.  What all you need: Colored Sheet Pen Glue Scissor Colors Method: 1. Take a colored sheet and cut it into small square shape. 2. Now fold that […]

Crayon Photo Frame

Make a crayon photo frame with your child for a fun kids’ craft that makes a lovely handmade keepsake for displaying a photo or kids’ art. What all you need: Crayons Cardboard Scissor Glue Glue gun One picture Method: 1. Take out all your wasted and broken crayons  2. Take a cardboard and cut it […]