Home Schooling (Module 1) Farm Theme

Home Schooling (Module 1) Farm Theme


Pre-Writing Skills, Number Skills, Themes

Age Group

2 to 4 Years old

Resource Type

Worksheets, Printables, Activities

File Type

PDF (35 Pages)
Free additional 8-10 worksheets would be provided for the next 2 months via email

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Product Description :

The farm theme homeschooling is here! Toddlers first address pre-writing skills, numbers, motor skills and different themes in kindergarten. This 35 page pack is a great way to teach them the basic concepts of farm theme, starting with farm animals, their babies and counting numbers with the kind of food they eat. Included are worksheets, activities, recipes and sensory plays that can be done by 2 to 4 year olds.

This pack breaks down the essentials of developing a child’s brain with a basic understanding of each farm animal, proper worksheet for understanding and some activities that will help them understand everything around the farm theme.

Included are:


Pre-assessment on farm animals
Visuals of farm Animals and their food
Sensory Plays for Toddlers
Activities for a complete understanding of the sound a hen makes and where they live
Activities for a complete understanding of pigs, their color, where they live
Activities for learning numbers with farm animals
Worksheet on understanding different footprints of different farm animals
Worksheets and activities for a proper understanding of cows and their food, and easy methods of learning
Activities and rhyming poems for the farm animal, Sheep, and the use of wool.
Also, included is a special food recipe for the kids to understand different farm animals in an exciting manner.

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