Number skills, Cognitive skills, Sensory Skills

Age Group

2 to 4 Years

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Activities, Worksheets, Printables, Experiments

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Parent Supervision Required :

This module can be used for homeschooling the kids effectively and efficiently. The activities included are engaging, hands-on and the kids would love learning through exploring.

Product Description :

2monkeysandme is here with its third module, dedicated entirely to number skills for 2 to 4 year olds. Designed for toddlers, this module addresses numeracy skills through various interactive activities, experiments and worksheets. This 72 page pack is carefully developed to combine numerical knowledge with pre-writing skills, tactile sensory skills and motor skills. This pack breaks down the essentials of early childhood development, primarily focused on developing number sense and cognitive skills. Introducing these basic skills early on will help in the holistic growth of the child’s brain.

Included are :

Illustrated number poem to help recognize and memorize numbers
Introduction to tactile sensory play
Sensory Plays for Toddlers
Tactile tracing experiments to develop pre-writing skills
Nature walk to understand and numerically interact with the immediate environment
Worksheets to practice number tracing
Worksheet on counting fruits to introduce the concept of quantity
Worksheet on matching shapes and numbers
Puzzle based worksheet to help with counting and number recognition
Worksheet on missing numbers to promote memory and cognition
Finger print art to promote motor skills, sensory development and number sense

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