Tonoscopes make sound visible by displaying vibrations.

What an interesting concept, isn’t it?

You can turn tonoscopes into an educational tool through this fun science experiment.

What you need:

  –   1 cardboard container

  –   1 long paper roll 

  –   A transparent sheet

  –   Rubber band

  –   Glue

  –   Rice


1.  Carve out a hole in the container. The diameter should correspond to that of the paper roll. Now glue the paper roll to the container.

2 .  Cover the end of the container with transparent sheet and attach it with a rubber band.

Place some rice or lentils on top of the transparent sheet and blow through the free end of the paper roll! 

Ask the kids to talk, sing and hum through the tonoscope to notice the movement of the rice.

The working science behind this movement is that sound waves make the surface of the  sheet vibrate! The result is some dancing and jumping rice!

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