Science Experiments

Fire Snake Experiment

Following our festive theme, we decided to try out an absolutely safe firecracker experiment! What you need: Fire safe mold Sand Baking soda Powdered sugar

Bloody Hands Experiment

Spooky season can be explored through a scientific lens, and guess what? It’s even more fun!  Here’s a simple experiment that will take the kids

Vanishing ghosts

Halloween is almost here, and we’re experimenting with mini ghosts! Try this experiment for an exciting learning outcome alongside a whole lot of fun! What

Refraction of Light

Refraction of light is an exciting topic to discuss with the young ones and there are so many experiments to practically engage their minds! Here’s

Lights and Refraction

With light, also comes refraction. Refraction is the change in direction of a wave passing from one medium to the other. Refraction holds true for

Scuba Divers in Ocean

Scuba diving is certainly a one of a kind experience. Have you ever thought, how do scuba divers or submarines take such deep dips in

Rotating Flowers: Hot Air Rises

Inspired by the water cycle and how water vapour rises, here’s a simple experiment to help kids learn how hot air rises! What you need:

Balloon Experiment: Hot Air Rises

Hot air rises like water vapour and here we have an ebay experiment demonstrating the same. This easy experiment will help draw a stark difference