Activity for 2 to 3 years old

Window Cling and Light

Window clings can be as colorful and fun as you’d like for them to be. Let’s get creative with window clings and create a few

Recycled Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscopes are fun and fascinating, for kids and adults, alike!  Making your own kaleidoscope at home and discussing how it works can be all the


Bats are some common nocturnal animals, often spotted in and around parks during nighttime. These interesting creatures use ‘echolocation’ to move around in the dark!

Flying Owl

Owls are well known nocturnal animals that truly fascinate us!Now create your own flying owls with this fun and creative craft activity! What you need:

Hedgehogs In A Forest

Nocturnal animals are indeed fascinating. Hedgehogs stay in hiding during daytime and come out in the dark. As small as they are, they have spikes

Find the Nocturnal Animals

Some animals sleep during daytime and are awake all through the night, hunting or eating. These are called nocturnal animals. Talking about these animals is


Learning about nocturnal creatures can be super fun and there are so many ways to explore their magical world! Fireflies are tiny fascinating creatures that

Scuba Divers in Ocean

Scuba diving is certainly a one of a kind experience. Have you ever thought, how do scuba divers or submarines take such deep dips in

Sand Dough Play

Aren’t we all missing some fun summertime this year? Perhaps you had plans for the beach? Here is a simple sand dough play that the