Activity for 2 to 3 years old

Oceans Animals Squid

The deep waters are full of mystery and oh how it fascinates us! What sea creature has tentacles but is not an octopus? That’s right,

Water Threading Board

It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow 🌈 It’s monsoons and it’s raining 🌧 so much. We were lucky to see rainbows in

Pizza Tartlets

Pizza Tartlets March 15, 2020 Rice rolls are entirely gluten-free and can be paired with a range of healthy stuffing. They are a popular and

Pebbles Pattern

This time, we thought to do an activity which the toddlers would surely love to do. This activity requires no setup time and is super

Balloon Popping Experiment

Science is all we see from the time we are born. Even when we don’t realise, we are actually surrounded by science and plenty of

Color Sorting Chickpeas Box

Since we have been doing quite some activities with chickpeas, today we thought to do an activity which can be done or rather be created

Balloon Popping Experiment

Spinning Penny Experiment

We all have read Newton’s First Law of Movement which states, ‘if something is moving or stationary, it will stay that way unless something disturbed