Activity for 5 to 10 years old

layers of ocean

It is a proven fact that humans learn more practically than by reading through books. We taught boys about the ocean and how beautiful it

Painting Our Galaxy

The universe always fascinates me, it is deep and beautiful. The universe is full of secrets. Secrets whose answers even the greatest minds have not

 Emotions wheel

Emotions are tough to understand and even tougher to control not only for adults but also for little children. To help my 6 year old

Emotions stress ball

Stress balls are the new favorite gadget people like to use to fight stress, reduce tension, and also, in some ways, help in anger management.

Candle Hanger

Do you also like decorating your place/home with DIY activities? We love making new decoration items at home, which is why we made some Plant/Candle

Republic Day Activity

It’s republic day, and the budding little artist at home wanted to make art for republic day. We should make our kids know about how

Fire Snake Experiment

Following our festive theme, we decided to try out an absolutely safe firecracker experiment! What you need: Fire safe mold Sand Baking soda Powdered sugar

Bloody Hands Experiment

Spooky season can be explored through a scientific lens, and guess what? It’s even more fun!  Here’s a simple experiment that will take the kids

Halloween Piñata

Autumn is here and Halloween is on our mind! Make this season full of treats and a few tricks with our fun and easy to

Bow and Arrow

Durga Puja is celebrated in remembrance of how Goddess Durga emerged victorious in a battle with the demons. It is said that the battle continued