Parmesan Baked potatoes

Parmesan Baked potatoes You can eat potatoes, mangoes, and bananas every day and still lose weight. It’s a lot about the quantity you eat and the timing too. I generally eat 3/4 medium-sized potatoes for my dinner and I don’t eat after 7.30 pm unless I am dining out. Prep Time10 min Cook Time1 hr […]

Pine Cone Flower

We were so fascinated with pine cones that we thought of making these super easy crafts. If you don’t have pine cones, get them from Amazon. Crafting encourages critical thinking, counting, and pattern recognition develops Motor and sensory skills and develops resilience among so many other things. The boys loved making this as much as […]

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi If you live in Bengal you can’t eat Mishti Doi and love it. And because we eat it so much we make it at home rather than buying the store-bought ones If you do not have jaggery, you can use jaggery powder or use white sugar and caramelize it before adding it to […]

Closed-circuit torch

Electricity with simple circuits is generally taught in standard 3 in schools but I always encourage kids ahead of their age and let them grasp as per their age. Early exposure is so important to keep them interested in new things and think big and out of the box. What all you need: – 3 […]

Recycled paper art

Let’s teach kids about recycling. Paper is one thing that gets wasted which in turn affects the trees. We love recycling paper and cartons and thought of making a dissolved paper art this time. It’s going to give some sensory pleasure to the kids, teach them to be patient, and unleash their creative side. What […]

Walking crab

Crabs live in all the world’s oceans, in freshwater, and on land, are generally covered with a thick exoskeleton, and have a single pair of pincers. In today’s craft, we also learned about the elasticity of certain objects. We also learned that the force with which you pull the rope makes the crab go slower […]

Shell Photo Frame

All kids are fascinated by shells and how beautiful they look. My boys also love collecting shells so we planned on using those shells and turning them into a shell photo frame. What all you would need: Cardboards Glue Picture Shells Paints/Markers Method: 1. Take a Cardboard, measure a picture and draw the size and […]

Spinning Earth

Our Mother Earth gives us so much, and what are we giving it back? Buildings? Pollution? We thought about spending our day talking about Earth and all it has given us—thinking about some DIY earth activity we made rotatory Earth and taught boys about the universe. We also taught kids how the moon orbits the […]

Raw banana And Barnyard Millet Tikkis

Raw banana And Barnyard Millet Tikkis Raw banana and barnyard millet tikis to help kids tackle the summer heat, control an upset tummy, and still give the energy required. Try this recipe for those kids who don’t like tikkis like one of my kids. Prep Time30 min Cook Time30 min Total Time1 hr Cuisine Indian […]

Nesting blue whales

We made nesting blue whales which are an endangered population. Did you know? The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever to have lived on earth. Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant – their hearts, as much as a car. A single adult blue whale can consume 36,000 kg of krill […]