Play at Home

Flowers & Tray Decoration

Lotus is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and strength. This inspired us to try some festive lotus craft ideas out of recycled materials! What you

Halloween Piñata

Autumn is here and Halloween is on our mind! Make this season full of treats and a few tricks with our fun and easy to

Bow and Arrow

Durga Puja is celebrated in remembrance of how Goddess Durga emerged victorious in a battle with the demons. It is said that the battle continued

Fall scented Play Dough

Nothing says autumn like a fragrant stick of cinnamon or pumpkin spice. Since we’re staying in this season, play time has definitely taken over. Play

Cardboard Nature’s Puzzle

There is something about nature walks in spring and autumn time. We all love how spring means flowers in full bloom and autumn means quite

Ladybird Wipe and Clean Board

Ladybirds are the tiny, beloved ones amongst all the insects. Their pretty colors immediately catch our attention and kids happen to adore them too. Inspired

Honey Bee Number Game

We love a good craft based game that has more things to teach than one! Here’s a fun number and color matching motor skills game


Ants live in colonies known as an anthill. Anthills are absolutely fascinating when you figure there’s so much to them than what meets the eye!

Lacing the Caterpillar

Learning about butterflies is quite interesting as their lifecycle certainly intrigues the young minds. We turned this into a practical based learning activity!  What you

Sun Prints

Autumn time, much like spring time is great to explore nature, and how everything is under transition! Here’s an activity you can try out using